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We partied in Vegas. We partied in Miami. We partied in New York. But when we tried to party in Mumbai, it was like trying to climb a mountain. Most of our time was spent looking to find someone to call so we could get on the guestlist for a club. After that our next hurdle was getting in touch with the guest list holder. Rather than being able to decide when and where we wanted to go clubbing, we were at the mercy of the guest list holder and their schedule. Every night became a quest, as we played a game of cat and mouse with the guestlist holder.

With that experience in mind we created Club Knight. An app which is the product of our desire to give back to the city where our roots come from. An app which will revolutionize the way Mumbai party's, providing the same ease and experience you get in other major metropolitan cities across the world.

Club Knight will give you access to the best clubs in Mumbai all in the palm of your hand. You get to choose where and when you want to party, and how many friends you want to bring with you. You will be the first to hear of any event going on at a club, and be the hero of your group as you lead your friends to an unforgettable night. Now clubbing can be what it was supposed to be, fun!

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How it works

First choose where you want to party

Then pick how may friends you want to bring with you

Finally make your reservation

When you get to the club use your email id to pull up your reservation

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!